InetSoft Business Intelligence Solution Licensing and Pricing

InetSoft BI Platforms

InetSoft offers three self-service BI applications:

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Licensing Models

All InetSoft products can be licensed by a user model or by a server model. Small to midsize organizations and business units can take advantage of user-based licensing, while large organizations can leverage server based licensing for enterprise deployments. InetSoft easily scales up by adding additional user or server licenses as growth and performance requirements dictate.

Purchase Perpetual Licenses or an On-Premise Subscription

InetSoft provides perpetual licensing with an industry standard 20% annual maintenance fee or an on-premise annual subscription model with maintenance included.

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Annual Maintenance and Support

The annual maintenance agreement entitles clients to all software updates throughout the term of agreement and a one business day turnaround time for technical support.

InetSoft also offers premium business intelligence consulting and business intelligence training that leverage almost two decades of BI industry experience.

OEM, ISV, or SaaS Provider Embedded Technology Pricing

InetSoft's software can be embedded into Web applications that are deployed on premise or housed in the cloud as a SaaS offering. InetSoft has built-in support for single-sign-on, clustering, multi-tenancy, and white-labeling. Technology partners enjoy volume discount pricing.

Self-Service BI Platforms Provide a Lower TCO

Our licensing flexibility is designed to give an organization the lowest cost for the level of usage required. Add on top of that lower TCO due to easier maintenance, speed to deployment, and the following factors, and the business case is even more favorable:

• Self-Service BI solutions reduce IT involvement and lower support costs per user - $652 vs. $1,106 according to a report published by the Aberdeen Group (Feb 2013).

• The Web-based interface is geared toward frontline staff and decision makers with no client installation required and access possible from any device.

• Connect to data sources directly, complement an existing data warehouse, or circumvent warehousing altogether.

• No consulting services are required to set up InetSoft while other vendors require BI experts to configure the solution and train administrators.

• No consulting services are required to manage the system or make changes to your data models, dashboards, or reports.

• No specialized BI experts need to be added to your permanent staff.

• Deployments take weeks, not months, thanks to a simple workflow with intuitive point-and-click and drag-and-drop data modeling, dashboard and report creation tools.

For More Details

Please contact our business development team for more information about pricing, products, and services.

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