Add Your Wisdom to a BI Analyst Survey

wisdom of the crowds

Any and all users of business intelligence software of any kind, dashboards, visual analytics or enterprise reporting, whether a business user, a power user, IT, or a developer, are invited to participate in business intelligence industry analyst firm Dresner Advisory’s Wisdom of the Crowds survey.

The 2016 survey will build on previous years’ research into overall BI deployment trends and related technologies and initiatives including Cloud BI, Advanced & Predictive Analytics, and the role of the BI Competency Center, as well as a new section on Collective Insights, the convergence of collaborative BI and governance. The survey will also ask about Enterprise Planning usage and intentions including strategic, operational, and planning initiatives.

The report is scheduled to be released starting in late Spring, and qualified survey participants will receive a complimentary findings report.

Please contribute your experience by filing out as many sections that are relevant to you and skip the others, and you can save your work as you go and complete the survey over time: