Join the Academic Alliance and Receive Free BI Software for the Classroom

Through academic alliance programs, BI vendors can be a great benefit to institutions of higher learning, according to the BI congress, an educational organization dedicated to aligning academics with real-world business intelligence.

However, recent information from the BI Congress reveals some distressing news.  Business school professors have reported that a lack of access to BI tools is a hindrance to educating students about real world BI and analytics.

InetSoft Technology has been participating in academic alliances with multiple colleges and universities for many years now.  Schools such as the IESEG School of Management and the Stillman School of Business have enjoyed the benefits of complementary BI software for some time.

We invite any college or university interested in using InetSoft’s BI software in the classroom to contact us.

About the Author: Michael Schiff is a Marketing Associate at InetSoft Technology