Introducing Business Intelligence Concepts to Newbies

chart_art_dotsPeople working in the business intelligence industry are often found to be in the world of their own. They time and again forget that not everyone in the world is aware of latest and greatest innovations in business intelligence (BI).

If you extensively use BI, it is imperative to realize that you will meet people who are not so familiar with the concept. You may end up meeting employees who are not too well-versed with the technology or terminology. If you happen to work with such professionals, then you must take a few moments to explain to them what BI is all about, how it works, and why the company requires it. In short, introduce BI to newbies. How can you do that? Here is some advice for talking about BI to people who are not familiar with it.

Be Specific with the Information

One of the primary reasons as to why BI is hard to comprehend is that its value often seems intangible. It is important to grab the attention of people who are not familiar with the concept. Thus, mentioning the roles and responsibilities individually is a great way of catching attention. For instance, when you start speaking of how the mobile application reduces the data collection time for a particular task, the employees responsible for performing the task begin taking more interest.

Enlighten about Immediate Access to Information

Whenever professionals are able to access the necessary data at a requisite time, they are left with reduced efficiency, if not frustration. In other cases, they may have to make decisions on the basis of judgment calls rather than analysis of facts. This is why most of the time businesses require instant access to data to make a concrete decision and BI fulfills this need. Explain to the newbies how easy it is to utilize data with BI, how instantly the information is available for making all sorts of decisions, and surely everyone will take notice.

Perception Is Not the Ideal Solution

It is a notion around the globe that instinct is the finest (or only) means for making decisions. Even new professionals might have the same ideology, but you need to explain them the capabilities of BI. Try using concrete examples to demonstrate how relying on intuition for decision making is both risky and unnecessary and how data-driven decisions are highly appreciable. This will help you drive the point home readily.

Bottom Line

Analytics and BI practices are fueling innovation in amazing ways in various industries. It is always a challenge to introduce BI, which is why supporting your pointers with precise examples is the ideal way to go forward. Make people understand how BI adds value to daily operations and how is makes data access easy.