What Organizations Will Benefit from Mobile BI Tools?

mobilebiLike business intelligence (BI), mobile business intelligence is getting a lot of attention, and for good reason. Is adopting mobile BI the right choice for your organization? For some organizations, mobile BI is becoming a must. Here’s a quick look at the types of organizations that stand to gain the most from mobile business intelligence.

Why is Mobile BI Becoming a Hot Trend?

The business world has become increasingly mobile, making mobile BI a natural progression. Interest in mobile business intelligence has fluctuated slightly but remains high. A recent article citing a 2014 mobile BI study by Dresner Advisory Services reveals that, “While the percentage of respondents who called mobile BI ‘very important’ or ‘critical’ dipped briefly in 2013, Howard Dresner, the firm’s founder and CEO, said the number ‘recovered and then some’ in 2014.”

Moreover, the study’s respondents “…made business intelligence their number two priority for mobile applications, trailing only email.” The study also predicts that smart watches and other wearables could boost mobile business intelligence.

Who Can Benefit from Mobile Business Intelligence?

Businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from mobile intelligence. However, according to an article on BusinessIntelligence.com, some business types stand to gain the most benefits and should not operate without mobile BI. For example, companies heavily involved in field service, distribution, sales, e-commerce, and securities could all gain a huge advantage by equipping their mobile workers with mobile BI solutions.

In general, if you have key personnel who need access to actionable insights when away from their desks, mobile business intelligence can deliver it.

What’s Next?

Equipping your team with mobile BI should involve more than simply choosing a web-based BI solution. Evaluate the solution from both a desktop and mobile perspective to ensure that the solution fully meets your team’s needs regardless of the device type. From a mobile perspective, find out if mobile apps are available for iOS, Android, and any other mobile operating system your team uses. Do those apps offer a full, mobile-optimized experience or are they barebones apps with limited functionality?

In order to gain the benefits of mobile BI, you’ll need a robust mobile BI solution.


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