A Big Year for the BI Industry

Although we’re only at the start of 2011, several signs point to this being a big year for the BI Industry.  Alongside Forester’s predictions last month, so far this year, Fortune magazine declared SAS the top US company to work for, while CareerCast.com lists: software engineer, mathematician, statistician, and computer systems analyst, as four of their top ten jobs for 2011.  While these careers aren’t exclusively within BI, it seems as though business intelligence will become increasingly mainstream as more companies adopt bi tools and management strategies that allow them to thoroughly analyze and make full use of their data.

Consequently, we’re excited for our upcoming Style Intelligence 11 release. SI 11 will build on the concept of agile BI by enhancing user experience and making the work of creating reports, dashboards and data mashups, faster and more efficient than before.  We think that developers and administrators will be particularly pleased with the time saving features in this release, and so we look forward to this being a big year for us as well.