Free Dashboard Tools and Visual Analysis

Looking to free software for dashboarding and visual analysis? InetSoft’s new Style Scope Agile Edition is designed so that business users can start building dashboards immediately upon downloading, and is free to use in small groups.

Compatible data sources for this Agile Edition include relational databases (JDBC), Microsoft Excel, and .csv files.  An extensive library of chart types, as well as input elements such as selection lists, ranges, sliders,  enable new patterns and trends to be discovered with a few clicks of a mouse. Since the program is web based, users can easily share and collaborate on dashboard creation. There are absolutely no limits to the number or types of interactive visualizations that can be built and shared with this free offering.

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Image below: This dashboard of construction metrics is just one example of the endless variety of visualizations that can be built with the new Style Scope Agile Edition.

Free Dashboard Software

Construction Dashboard