5 Signs You’re Ready for Big Data

You’ve been hearing and reading about big data projects for some time now, and you’re almost ready to invest in a solution. However, is your company ready for big data? Jumping in before you’re ready could be a mistake. Use the following big data examples to determine if your company is ready.

  1. You currently use some data to make decisions

    While you may not use big data analytics tools per se, you definitely look to data before making decisions. You should have a set of established key performance indicators (KPIs) that you use to aid in the decision-making process. If you’re not currently examining data and KPIs and rely only on your gut instincts, you’re not quite ready for big data.

  1. You have support, and a shared understanding of big data, from the top

    Implementing big data is a major undertaking. You will need support from the top. Your company’s leaders must recognize the value of big data and its possibilities. You will need to do some preplanning work here by identifying stakeholders, learning their expectations, and aligning big data objectives with company strategy. Without the support and this shared understanding, you’re not quite ready.

  1. Your company is agile, innovative, and tends to act fast

    Access to real-time data could turn into a competitive advantage if your company is able to respond promptly. If your company is known for its flexibility and responsiveness, it could benefit from real-time big data software. On the other hand, if management prefers to a slower approach and only moves after years of study, it may not be ready just yet.

  1. Your company emphasizes data quality

    You’ve heard the saying, garbage in, garbage out. If your company values and emphasizes data quality, it could benefit from big data. Data quality encompasses accuracy, completeness, validity, genuineness (i.e., no fakes), uniqueness, and consistency. If your company uses data quality services and validation tools, it understands the importance of starting with good, clean data. On the other hand, if your company blindly accepts all data, it might not be ready for big data tools.

  1. Your company has a broad IT strategy in place for big data
    Is your infrastructure able to handle big data? While you may have a reliable network in place, it might not be ready for the demands a big data project may impose.


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