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What is InetSoft's Data Intelligence?

InetSoft's data intelligence unites business intelligence (BI) and machine learning (ML) to extract maximum value from your data. InetSoft's solution is foremost a BI app powered by highly flexible data mashup technology. With integrated machine learning capability, data mashup further enables human designed dashboards and reports to be mashed up with machine generated intelligence.

Data Mashup

InetSoft's data mashup democratizes data preparation that previously required IT-intensive ETL and data warehouses. This approach allows you to easily mashup data with diverse sources, structures, and formats into high-performance, analytic-ready data blocks, for both BI and ML

Machine Learning Mashup

Machine learning in InetSoft is designed to mashup seamlessly with human developed analysis. By facilitating mashup within a single visual user interface, InetSoft enables business users to become their own citizen data scientists.

Visualization & Publishing

Visualization dashboards are the primary interactive interface in InetSoft. For content where non-interactive usage is equally important, InetSoft's page-oriented, pixel-perfect report publishing goes far beyond simple dashboard exports. It ensures full information availability without relying on interactivity.

Highly Scalable Platform

An open-standards based, in-memory platform is the backbone for InetSoft's data intelligence. This highly scalable architecture makes data mashup a true alternative to a data warehouse at a fraction of the cost. This infrastructure also allows machine learning to easily scale to big data.


InetSoft's versatile solutions have been applied across many industries, business functions, and departments. The data connection capability includes a large selection of built-in connectors as well as custom data sources.

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Enterprise Solutions

InetSoft's products are enterprise applications that provide a powerful and secure platform designed to serve the largest organizations. Look below for the business intelligence application you envision for your organization.

Data Solutions

InetSoft's applications share a robust data backend to access information from practically any source. Combine this with a patented data mashup tool, and it allows you to answer any question in minutes. Below are links to some of the types of enterprise data InetSoft can query.

Enterprise Solutions

InetSoft's products are enterprise applications that provide a powerful and secure platform capable of serving the largest organizations. Look below for the business intelligence application you envision for your organization.

Industry Solutions

InetSoft's products are horizontal applications without industry focus. The concentration on open standards and flexibility allow you to use the product the way you want, instead of forcing you into one way of thinking. InetSoft also partners with solution providers to provide vertical solutions for particular sectors. Here are some examples of how our product can be used to address specific needs in a variety of markets.

OEM Solutions

InetSoft's products are built on open standards in order to easily integrate with other applications, both on the backend and the frontend.

System integrators, ISVs, and cloud providers can easily leverage best-of-breed reporting and dashboarding in their own horizontal or vertical applications.

Read below for more details and product features specific to embedding InetSoft's BI technology.

For OEM and Reseller Partners

InetSoft's open standards based architecture and small footprint makes embedding dashboards and reports into any web-based application easy. Custom branding & theming, single sign-on and multi-tenancy support are a few technical areas that help our OEM partners build a seamless solution

InetSoft has a long history of partnering with vertical and horizontal solution providers. Collaboration, business term flexibility, and responsiveness are the key attributes that differentiate InetSoft from other rigid vendors

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InetSoft offers three products with a focus on different usage models. They are based on the same analytic engine and Big Data platform.

Style Scope

Visualization dashboards, analytics and real-time monitoring

Rapid Design, Maximum Self-Service

Rapid development and quick iteration enabled by a single web app integrating data mashup and visual dashboards

Skill-matched self-service for casual and power users through flexible permission control for each: users, data mashups, visual components and/or dashboards

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Style Report

Published pixel-perfect reports, ad-hoc reporting and scheduled delivery

Unified Online/Offline Content

An ideal solution when offline publishing, such as PDF delivery or printout, is as important as online access

The professional authoring tool is not only for developing pixel-perfect, page-oriented reports, but also for creating a data mashup foundation that permits end user online ad-hoc reporting

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Style Intelligence

Complete data intelligence for dashboards, reporting, and machine learning

Mashup Human & Machine Intelligence

Besides combining visualization and publishing on top of a common data mashup engine, Style Intelligence make machine learning accessible to business users with a minimum learning curve

Seamlessly mashed up with visualizations, machine intelligence not only augments human analytics but also brings new perspectives

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