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Everything in Individual, plus:
  • Data sources: many SaaS data sources including Google Sheets
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  • Fully customizable, theming, and white labeling
  • Cloud platform options in addition to AWS


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  • Paginated reports
  • OEM embedding, rebranding and multi-tenancy
  • Enterprise security & Kubernetes scalability

InetSoft's BI Products Pricing Overview

For over 20 years, InetSoft has been serving customers and OEM partners ranging from Fortune 500-sized organizations to small businesses with a few employees. The number of users served in these deployments can be as few as a handful to as many as hundreds of thousands. Data complexity and volume also varies widely from spreadmarts to data lakes.

InetSoft can be licensed for both in-cloud and on-premise deployments. Licenses are always customized for each customer according to usage and data needs.

InetSoft Hosted Cloud Pricing

For the InetSoft-hosted option, the license fee is based on the type of cloud server (instance) to be used and cloud computing providers' instance pricing. The type of instance will be decided after evaluating the usage and data requirements. InetSoft will provision and provide service to manage and optimize the instance.

On-Premises Pricing

For on-premise deployments, InetSoft offers named user, concurrent user and server based licenses. This variety of license types allows completely flexible configurations of computing power totally customized by the customer.

OEM Pricing

InetSoft will customize the pricing model to match the OEM partner's business model. Of course, it is always an option to use a predefined pricing model in an OEM deployment.

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Why are InetSoft Cloud licenses per instance instead of per user?

Our 20 years of experience has shown that each customer is different. Just like when you purchase a machine, configuring a computing environment best suited for your tasks is the best way to ensure you gain the best performance for the amount you spend.

  1. Fit your need instead of one-size-fits-all

Per user licenses always come with limitations. The most common are storage limits, data update frequency limits, and sharing limits. These cookie-cutter limitations quickly impede a well-coordinated team and organization, and the environment is hard to scale.

  1. Maximize customer value with the 80/20 rule

Like many other real world examples, it is often the case that 20% of users are using 80% of the analytic or reporting power. Per user licenses limit the resources of the 20% of power users while the resources allocated for the other 80% of users sits idle.

  1. Dynamically provision your cloud computing power for your BI

As your usage evolves, you can adjust the cloud computing power supporting the software in highly customizable ways. With advances in cloud computing, you can auto scale computing power up and down as your demand fluctuates.