InetSoft's Business Intelligence Partner Programs

The Powered by InetSoft Program gives resellers, system integrators, IT, and performance management consultants an opportunity to offer an award-winning reporting and business intelligence solution to their customers.

InetSoft Partner Resellers

InetSoft's Style Intelligence can be the visualization and reporting solution for any performance management initiative at either the enterprise level or the departmental level. This program is ideal for partners who wish to help their customers deploy InetSoft's pre-packaged software and add value by creating dashboards and reports for their customers for the visual front-end of a knowledge-based engagement.

Consultants can earn referral bonuses or remain independent, as desired. Resellers and integrators can earn margin levels on software license sales tied to their volume commitments and level of customer support.

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InetSoft Viewpoint

"We definitely see the emerging trend of the integration of business intelligence with business processes. As a firm, InetSoft focuses on operational business intelligence. This particular branch of business intelligence has a lot to do with business processes because this is essentially about business planning and execution."

"When we talk about operational people, we are talking about sales, marketing, everybody who is involved in delivering business execution. In our experience we have heard from our customers, a business intelligence system is no longer a stand alone application for analyzing performance in the rear-view mirror. They want to look forward and be able to take action."

Partner Data Mashup

"That is where we have put a lot of focus and been delivering BI solutions. The recent trend we have noticed is that people are no longer viewing those information needs as individual activities. They want to share information. They want it integrated into business processes. They want to collaborate. All of these needs point to a tighter integration between the business applications and the business operations."

"From a technology level, a lot also has to be done to achieve those business goals. So the standard open technologies have become more important in this scenario. We have seen customers who want to share the BI platform, not only the data and methodologies, and go beyond single-sign on levels of integration, and really have a collaboration environment so the end users can explore information. They can collaborate and really drive the whole business process."

- Luke Liang, CEO of InetSoft
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