New Product Release Webinar Scheduled for March 7th

We’ve scheduled a Webinar to demonstrate the new database write-back features of version 11.2 of Style Intelligence, which was recently released for general availability. The idea is now you can create Web-based applications that combine data display and analysis with data input and modification. So it can help streamline lots of business processes since many times the next step in doing some BI analysis is to do something with the findings.

Some examples of scenarios where this new capability will help include:

• Financial planning – forecasting and budgeting often requires analysis of recent performance and historical trends so now planning assumptions can be created while analyzing the data.

• What-if modeling – as a specific example in planning, visual what-if modeling tools can be used to generate the inputs to be used in any departmental planning model.

• Data profiling – multi-dimensional charting can identify outliers, data entry errors, and omissions in externally supplied or user-generated data, and now corrections can be made in-place.

• Marketing lead importing – the process of cleansing imported leads can be made simpler and faster.

To register for the free Webinar, scheduled for Wednesday, March 7th. 2:00-2:30PM Eastern US, please go to:

And don’t worry if you can’t make this time live, we’ll be sending everyone a link to the recording.