Keeping Up With Cloud-Based Business Intelligence

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If your company has an aging business intelligence system, modernizing it may be on your radar. At the same time, it’s doing its job, and you need to squeeze as much value from it as possible. Even if your BI system is just a few years old, it may be a relic in terms of the value it actually brings. The latest trends and technologies have opened the doors to new possibilities. Upgrading BI software now allows you to tap into those possibilities to get even more out of your data.

For example, most workers use powerful smartphones and tablets at work, a phenomenon that only recently became possible. According to a recent State of BYOD and Mobile Security report, over 60 percent of enterprises allow or tolerate employee use of personal devices to access enterprise data. Improved productivity, employee satisfaction, and security are among the top benefits of allowing mobile devices at work.

As such, these workers are performing more complex tasks when away from their desks. Those equipped with the latest in cloud-based BI technologies are able to access business intelligence data virtually anywhere. They are better equipped to make informed decisions wherever their jobs take them. Is your legacy system up to the task?

Not only is mobility a compelling reason to consider upgrading your business intelligence software, so too are improvements in both usability and data visualizations. For example, modern cloud-based BI solutions often include drag-n-drop tools and easy-to-create reports along with intuitive data visualizations.

In addition, various levels of self-service are available to users. In other words, end-users do not need a computer science degree to query and understand data. Business intelligence solutions have become easier to use, resulting in fewer training requirements and greater adoption.

Your workforce is better equipped with technology than ever, but is it equipped with the tools it needs to understand data? Putting the information your employees need to make smarter decisions and work more efficiently is now possible with powerful smartphones and even more powerful business intelligence solutions.

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