InetSoft's Easy Business Intelligence

How is InetSoft's business intelligence software easy? By reducing complexity we have made our BI application easy for IT professionals to implement and easy for business users to learn. The zero-client solution minimizes deployment costs and support overhead.

Rapid Implementation

  • Minimum specialized IT expertise is required to deploy our software.
  • No expensive BI experts or consultants are needed.
  • An IT staffer with basic database admin skills can install and set up the software in weeks, not months.

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Shallow Learning Curve

  • The point-and-click, highly visual interface is intuitive for business users.
  • Minimal training is required to use a pre-built interactive dashboard, if at all.
  • Only Excel-level skills are needed.

Low Maintenance Overhead

  • No BI or SQL experience required for admin or analysts.
  • Analysts can re-use dashboard and report components.
  • End-users get more self-service by being able to access large amounts of data with just a few well-designed interactive dashboards.

Minimal Impediments to Scale

  • Zero-client deployment requires only a Web browser.
  • Benefit from the options for concurrent or unlimited user, CPU-based licensing; don't pay by user and get penalized for lack of usage, or worry about the administrative hassle of adding licenses.

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