InetSoft's Agile Business Intelligence

How is InetSoft's business intelligence software agile? The direct data access models built with InetSoft's patent-pending Data Block technology, as well as the dashboards and reports are all self-service enabled. This accommodates both formal and experimental changes to a level that is unique in the BI space.

Maximum Self-service

  • Ad hoc reporting tools use a drag-and-drop interface based on simplified data models you choose.
  • Visualization techniques of highly interactive dashboards encourage and facilitate data exploration through multi-dimensional charting styles and point and click filtering and sorting
  • End-user defined data mashup enables business users or analysts to combine data from disparate sources, including imported spreadsheets, without the need for formal data models being pre-defined, and share the mashup in the BI environment.

Flexible Adaptation

  • Changing data structures are automatically recognized.
  • No ETL process is necessary to aggregate operational data.
  • If using ETL, the application facilitates quick and easy experimentation with new dashboards or reports using new data models which can later be codified in ETL processes when ready.

Data Mashup

  • New data sources can be added rapidly and combined with disparate data source types..
  • End-user defined data mashup is possible, a capability that is unique to InetSoft's solution.