InetSoft Robust Business Intelligence and Analytics

How is InetSoft's business intelligence software robust? InetSoft's flagship BI product, Style Intelligence, has a robust feature set serving both analysts and business users. It also has the robust infrastructure that is essential for an enterprise solution, enabling high performance and secure multi-tiered access.

Simplicity for End-Users

  • You can schedule automatic delivery of drillable reports to the masses.
  • You can provide easy-to-use pre-built dashboards that are personalizable by end-users.
  • Visual analysis enables discovery of answers for unclear questions.

Advanced Capabilities for Analysts

  • Professional report authoring tools for pixel-perfect publishing can reproduce any existing formatted document.
  • Business logic can be embedded in reports or dashboards via parameterization.

A High Performance, Secure Infrastructure

  • Performance is maximized via clustering and caching and can be fine-tuned with optimization techniques such as pre-aggregration.
  • You can deploy an enterprise-class solution via a small footprint Java Web application.
  • Data level security can reach the finest grain level. The security of each visual object, report and dashboard as well as each operating function is individually configurable.
  • The integration and embedding of business intelligence into business processes and applications is important to enable operational BI. Style Intelligence offers a complete API and integration points ranging from LDAP/active directory security integration to iFrame/JSP interface integration, and more.
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