The Need for Mashing Up Machine Intelligence with Human Intelligence

ML clusterThis week Dow Jones published an interesting article about the limitations of machine learning and the need to supplement it with human intelligence. In fact, that’s the inspiration of our tagline “Mashup¬†Machine Intelligence with Human Intelligence.”

This article makes for good introductory reading on the topic of machine learning. It lists some common but very difficult applications of the technology such as detecting Russian spies or nude pics posted by an angry ex. For a more in-depth intro to ML for business users, see our series of posts starting with

What may be surprising is the masses of humans now being employed to both assist in the training of ML models and to monitor and modify the output of ML predictions. A new industry has sprouted to offer home-based, world-dispersed workers to do some of this work. Facebook alone is having to significantly invest in staff to power its “artificial intelligence.”

The full article can be found here

As a provider of data intelligence software, our solution provides a visual approach to make it easy for non-data scientists to take advantage of machine learning. It integrates business intelligence analytics and model training in one application so you can more easily understand what the model is saying.

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