Business Intelligence Meets Machine Learning

InetSoft brings its interactive BI software to the realm of machine learning business applications and provides an integrated visual analytics interface to understand the results of a machine learning model and to make the running of ML algorithms as easy as clicking a button.

Now non data scientists can harness the power of automated data modeling to find solutions to the business challenges they face.

Team up your data engineer with your domain expert in Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain or any field, and InetSoft's application can quickly deliver results. Optionally engage with an InetSoft consultant to accelerate the process.

This example demonstrates how you can analyze the results of a churn prediction model applied to existing customers and re-train a model on different customer segments to further improve predictibility. To see it live, please register below and request a personalized demo.

Machine Learning Web Visitor Cluster Analysis Example

Perform Cluster Analysis

One of the most popular machine learning business applications in marketing is cluster analysis. Letting the model group website visitors or customers into clusters reveals potential segmentation methods that might not have come to mind otherwise.

Webmasters can tailor communications and promotions based on the common interests of a segment, and lead generation managers can do the same with in their lead conversion and nurturing strategies.

This example shows how you can first analyze your website visitors using the traditional BI approach of segmenting users by which section of the website the visited, the search keyword they entered via, and the time spent on the site.

Then with machine learning you can see how four clusters were found just by providing the model with the raw data and no preconceived notions of segmentation.

Notice also you can easily do experimentation with ML, and visually analyze the results find the optimal number of clusters to settle on.

Machine Learning and What-if Analysis

Marketing and Finance departments take advantage of machine learning to do sophisticated what-if analysis on pricing. By letting the model analyze millions of past transactions and customer profiles, it can create complex formulas to predict volume, revenue, and profit that would be far too difficult to manage in Excel.

And in the same screen you can experiment with different discounts and see the visual analyses of the results.

By combining a mature business intelligence application such as InetSoft's with the machine learning models freely available with Apache Spark, you get to do drill-down analyses and advanced what-if analyses in a single intuitive point-and-click interface that anyone with a browser can access.

InetSoft is offering free assistance to get you started with your machine learning initiative. Please register and request it.

Machine Learning Web Visitor Cluster Analysis Example
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