Machine Learning

Machine learning extracts information from data that is not apparent to even experienced business users. Data scientists normally spearhead this process using specialized data science tools such as Python and R, but Business users are most times limited to static ML output and reports. InetSoft changes that.

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Productionalize Machine Learning for Visual Analysis

InetSoft's data intelligence software productionalizes machine learning. It provides visual tools that directly tap into machine learning business applications. Business users can not only visually analyze machine learning results but also train machine learning models with sliced-and-diced data.

When data grows beyond an experimental machine learning setup, InetSoft's native Apache Spark based platform can easily scale on demand. It can utilize an external Spark Cluster or build its own with minimal Spark expertise.

machine learning model train dashboard example

Mashup Human and Machine Intelligence

Machine learning is a great new tool for many business applications. But just like other business data, it's most powerful when it is combined with other data and analysis.

InetSoft's data intelligence is based on a powerful mashup engine. With productionalized machine learning that business users can directly access, machine learning output can also be effortlessly mashed up with human designed analysis.

machine learning mashup dashboard example