Process Improvement Through a Sales Lead Tracking Dashboard

When you hear the phrase “sales dashboard,” you probably think of a metric tracking display. Sales dashboards, however, can serve to do different things for different people. Metric-tracking dashboards are used to follow sales related KPIs, such as product performance, sales growth, demographic measures, etc, but are typically only of value to management.

These sales performance dashboards can be much more versatile, however. Take, for instance, the dashboard below:

lead tracking dashboard

Sales Lead Tracking Dashboard

A version of this dashboard is currently in place at InetSoft and being used by our sales team to track leads. Using this dashboard, they can view leads from now back to the beginning of time (about 1996), and retrieve important customer information. This particular dashboard allows the InetSoft sales team to see how many times a prospective lead has been contacted and when.

How do you use sales reporting software and dashboards in your office? Let us know in the comments below.