Data Intelligence Powered Sales Productivity

CRM systems have not only streamlined sales processes but also provide a great data source. However, the CRM database still only covers part of the customer journey. In order to fully develop customer accounts and gain happy customers, all related data must be marshaled to get the full story. This means internal data and external customer data must be brought together in a comprehensive fashion. InetSoft's data intelligence web app is built on a data mashup foundation tha is precisely designed for this purpose.

Holistic Customer Analysis with Mashup

Just like CRM systems, other software such as order management and call center software are also being offered as Software-As-A-Service. Also, long established and trusted on-premise software is still important for customer related assets. Third party data such as social media often are also critical in understanding customers. InetSoft's web app enables data-oriented sales operations analysts to rapidly mashup this variety of data and extract intelligence that will ensure customer satisfaction and maximize cross selling.

Self-Service Dashboards & Opportunity Discovery

Management and sales professionals normally will not work with data at the start. Instead, they are served by pre-designed visualization dashboards and reports. However, no design can anticipate all business questions. Flexible interactivity and adhoc customization by end users will become essential for quick business decisions. InetSoft's solution allows not only visual manipulation but also governed access to underlying data.

Machine Learning Enhanced Sales Insight

Machine learning finds hidden information and patterns in data. It perfectly complements human-extracted information. For example, different customer cohorts many times exhibit different behavior. Machine learning can bring unique ways to identify customer cohorts to minimize customer churn. With InetSoft's solution, sales professionals can drive machine learning processes directly through interactive dashboards which mashup human-designed visualizations with machine-driven outputs.

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