Sharing our site search phrases, demonstrating our free Style Chart

I thought readers might be interested in seeing what other site visitors are searching our site for. We were looking at this for our internal use, when the idea of sharing it, and also demonstrating the use of our free web chart engine, Style Chart, came to mind.

Once I had the data exported from Google Analytics, and I did a little grouping and sorting, it took me about 6 minutes to generate this pie chart using the Style Chart API and the accompanying wizard. The trick to preparing the data for how the tool uses it is to use the concatenate function in Excel to format the data with the necessary brackets, etc.

The two phrases that surprised me a little were BAM, or business activity monitoring. I thought that was a more esoteric field of interest. Indeed that’s something you can do with our software (see this BAM solution page for more info). And then “mondrian”, which must have to do with wanting to connect our BI front-end to this type of OLAP server.

As for using Style Chart, you can get to it from and you can see it’s pretty handy for making static Web charts for embedding into Web pages such as this blog post.