Agile Business Intelligence is About Self-Sufficiency and Providing the Right Information at the Right Time

Earlier this month, Aberdeen Group released a report titled, “Agile BI: Three Steps to Analytic Heaven,” wherein the top strategies for delivering Agile BI were identified.  Why the increased need for Agility? Well as it turns out, rising data volume and a need for faster decision making are among the driving forces.  And among correspondents, one of the top strategies for delivering Agile BI was to ‘Enable business users to be more self-sufficient’.

Not sure how important self-sufficiency is? Consider this – among organizations that rank Best-in-Class, over 36% can always access information within the timeframe that business managers require whereas at Laggard companies, that number sits at a measly 14%. As for providing the right information at the right time, consider that at the Best-in-Class companies, more than half have access to information needed within one hour, whereas at Laggard companies, the number is less than a third.

These findings make a great deal of sense on a practical level. For instance, imagine a world in which you typed a query into a search engine and the user had to wait over an hour for a list of results instead of the typical nanoseconds. Worse yet, imagine a world where that query had to be submitted through another user, and you had to rely on that user to give you your results a few hours later.  Now, imagine how either of those scenarios might affect your ability to get information and make decisions in your day-to-day life.

I suspect that at these laggard companies, the feeling is much the same.

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