InetSoft included in 2014 BI Software UserView Survey

Top BI Solutions: 2014 BI UserView Survey

What are the best BI software solutions on the market? To gauge the benefits of BI software use and the challenges BI software users encounter, Software Advice, a business intelligence software research company, recently launched its 2014 BI Software UserView Survey. This survey collects market data on the most popular BI systems. Style Intelligence users are invited to participate in the survey.

It only takes about 5 minutes to complete this survey which asks users:

  • BI software application used
  • Top BI benefits of using this BI tool
  • Top BI challenges BI users encounter
  • How BI users plan to invest in BI software in 2014
  • How BI users access their tools

We’re looking forward to your feedback on Style Intelligence: What are our top benefits and areas of improvement? Participate in the survey here. After you submit your responses, you’ll see the aggregated results of all participants in real-time.

Take the survey here!