New Report From Aberdeen Group Underscores the Value of InetSoft’s Data Mashup

A new report by the Aberdeen Group demonstrates how InetSoft’s sophisticated data mashup download and visualization capabilities can aid the process of integrating new data sources.  The report observes that in companies where mashups are used, managers are more likely to find the information that they need at the right time.   Since new data sources are often integrated for ad hoc analysis, or to answer a specific query, the integration cycle is often very time sensitive. When one considers that it takes an average of 31 days to integrate a new data source into an existing data warehouse, the need for an alternative becomes apparent.

Companies who use data mashup are able to integrate new data sources in significantly less time than those who do not.  As a probable result of this faster integration time, companies who use mashup increase the number of data sources available for BI at a much faster rate.

With all the datasets that can be found online and from various sources, it can be difficult to discern which ones will actually be useful and worth the time and cost of integration. Using data mashup with visualization tools such as InetSoft’s Visual Composer enables managers to quickly determine whether or not a new data source is worth integrating. The report also found that data drilldown(also a function of InetSoft’s solution) helps managers to uncover new data insights and even answer questions about the data which were not initially anticipated.

The Aberdeen report  recommends adopting a decentralized IT support structure when enabling self-service data integration. IT professionals embedded within individual business units can help ensure data quality and verify that the integration is being performed properly.

The report is called “Mash Your Way Up to Better BI”, and can be downloaded for free upon registration here: