Dashboard Demos, Podcasts, and Linkedin

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been to our main webpage before. Otherwise you’ve had the misfortune of stumbling onto this blog by mistake (and I’m truly sorry).

Up until now, our flash demo has been one of the most viewed items on our site. It’s a quick summary of the core components of Style Intelligence, our flagship enterprise BI platform.

But lately, we’ve received more questions about certain features that weren’t covered in the main demo video. So this fall we’re adding a few new videos into the mix with some self-service tips.

The BI software demos page will be housing most of these videos. There, you’ll be able to find an extended Style Intelligence demo hosted by our Sales Engineer Jay, and a recent webinar covering all the latest features in version 10.2.

There’s also a new interactive flash video that teaches viewers how to bind data to a map from a viewsheet with a few simple drag and drops. If you were good at drawing on construction paper with crayons as a five year-old, you should be pretty good at this.

If you’re more of a giant headphone-toting hipster type, you might enjoy this podcast our Product Manager Byron participated in a few months ago.  You can also read a transcript of it here.

Lastly, we’re extending an invitation for you to follow us on Linkedin. In the future, our InetSoft company page will have everything from product updates to job openings, and you’ll have the chance to connect with industry peers from around the world.   Hope to see ya there!