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Ready-to-use web portal for designers and users
No desktop app necessary
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End Users: Interactive Dashboards with Rich Customization and Self-Service

Built-in, in-depth interactivity and customization allows your end users to dynamically reshape pre-designed dashboards for changing business needs with zero training. Self-service dashboarding further empowers business users with direct access to underlying data assets in a governed and secure environment.

Designers: Rapidly Prepare Data and Design Dashboard Reports

Dashboard design is integrated with data preparation in a single web app. The same web app is also a user portal where designers can engage business users even during dashboard design. Multi-tenancy features allow design sharing or customization across clients.

Reasons Why Solution Providers Chose InetSoft

"We narrowed down our choice to InetSoft for their software's ease of use, in terms of integration and dashboard development for us, as well as for the plant or facilities managers who need an intuitive and attractive interface." - EVP of Products and Services at Aptean

"InetSoft was found to have all of our desired functions as well as white label friendliness, making it a good choice for embedding." - Vice President of Operations at PTS Solutions

"We saved months of development time associated with initial internal development and were able to launch applications faster than if the reporting solution were developed in-house." - Vice President of Product Management at Micro Focus