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Easily prepare data and design dashboard reports in a single web app
Built-in, in-depth self-service dashboarding for all users
Bring reporting software to your data, in-cloud or on-premise

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We create dashboards with your data (or mentor you to do so)
You use the dashboards/software for free (as a single user)

Business Users: Interactive Dashboards with Rich Customization and Self-Service

Built-in, in-depth interactivity and customization allows business users to dynamically reshape pre-designed dashboards for changing business needs with zero training. Self-service dashboarding further empowers business users with direct access to underlying data assets in a governed and secure environment.
ad-hoc customization reports
ad-hoc customization reports

Designers: Rapidly Prepare Data and Design Dashboard Reports

Designers can prepare and mashup data from many data online and on-premise sources. Dashboard design is integrated with data preparation in a single web app. The same web app is also user portal where designers can engage business users even during dashboard design.
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Data Specialists: Mashup Machine Learning with Business Intelligence

InetSoft's built-in machine learning foremost allows data scientists to easily productionalize ML models so that business users can visualize and interact with machine learning models. ML and BI mashup delivers a level of intelligent dashboards that is not possible in traditional dashboard solutions.
ad-hoc customization reports