InetSoft Guest Article: Why Your Business Needs Machine Learning

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Machine learning, or ML, is an important advancement for businesses. Computers can now do some of the time consuming work that humans used to do. Those humans can now focus on other more complicated or high level work. It's a relatively new technology, but it's making an impact for all the right reasons.

The main benefit of machine learning is that it can gather insights while collecting data and analyze it in depth. It can discover things in the data that people cannot. Which means it's beneficial from a time saving standpoint as well as the quality of insights it can derive. There's more to it than just analyzing data all day, the benefits are numerous and the possibilities seemingly endless.

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The benefits


Thanks to this technology, you may be able to retain more customers than before, and potentially know before they are thinking about leaving. Through the careful collection and analysis of data, predictions can be made such as customer behavior, purchasing patterns, and even targeting consumers with unique products they would like based off their past history. By using this data you're able to target customers more accurately and provide them with what they want to see, rather than generic information or products.

In line with customer behavior prediction, product recommendation is a highlight of machine learning. Many, if not all, e-commerce sites are integrating this algorithm into their sites. It allows them to track customer engagement and searches to predict the products they will be interested in. By targeting customers based off of their search history and what they have bought in the past, you can promote similar products to them creating an increased likelihood of purchase.

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Business Performance Improvement from Machine Learning

Machine learning is not only significant and influential when working with customers, it's beneficial for the internal side of your business too. This technology can help detect security problems before they happen, and prevent them from doing damage to a system. If an attack has happened, machine learning can help to analyze the data and perform other duties such as determine what was stolen, and how it was taken.

This information can then be used to establish new ways to prevent it from happening in the future. Although these jobs could get done without machine learning, using it for a task such as this shortens the time frame in which they are completed in and speeds up the recovery process as well.

Protecting your network is an important step in keeping your company safe, and machine learning has the ability to do that. Combining the knowledge of your employees and machine learning helps enforce your company safety overall. There's no need to sacrifice one for the other, the two can work together to create a stronger system.

Machine learning is also making an impact in the financial field. Machine learning is being used for financial analysis, including fraud detection. It can help find and predict fraud, and at a much lower cost than it would be to hire a team to do it. There are other things machine learning can do for your financials as well such as investment predictions, loan management, and even risk management.

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A simpler benefit, but a benefit nonetheless, is the detection of spam. Thanks to machine learning your inbox isn't cluttered with unwanted emails, and emails can be detected and separated from legitimate mail before it reaches your inbox. Don't forget about phishing emails., Machine learning can catch those too. It's protecting you from junk, and even protecting your information in the process.

These are little things that may not seem like a big deal, but can make a major impact the longer they go on. You can lose personal information, miss out on important emails, and simply waste time trying to organize it all. Because of machine learning these problems are no longer an issue, and save you and your employees' time and effort.

Machine learning can do many things, and can be a benefit to anyone who is willing to try it or learn from it. Besides making a difference in the tech and business worlds it's also impacting areas of work such as science and medicine. It is impacting all areas of society, and helping them to grow and progress alongside other technologies.

If you've been searching for a way to enhance your business or trying to expand the level of technology within your company, machine learning might be exactly what you're looking for.