Searching for an enterprise business intelligence solution?

As an innovator in BI software since 1996, InetSoft's award-winning application has been deployed at over 5,000 organizations around the world and integrated into dozens of other providers' solutions serving vertical and horizontal markets of their own. Read reasons why people chose InetSoft:

"Style Scope is a mature product with a good feature set," explains Jan Typp, CEO at Lean BI Tech. "In addition, the server-based license model was a great fit with our own license model."

"I needed to find a tool that could manage manipulating and combining data into a structure that I could then build a dashboard on," explains Susan DiBiccari, IT Consultant at Focus. "InetSoft's tool allowed me to do that with a simple drag and drop interface."

"InetSoft had the right combination of price, visualization capability, and interactivity to meet our needs," explains Mike Gindlesperger, Manager of Information and Technology Services at KDL. "Some of our more hands on customers are really going to enjoy InetSoft's ad hoc editing on interactive dashboards."

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