InetSoft's Solution for Complementing or Substituting for ETL Tools

? Do you assume you need ETL tools and a data warehouse for a BI solution?
* InetSoft offers Web based reporting and dashboard software that accesses disparate data sources directly.

If you already have an ETL process established and running smoothly, InetSoft's Style Intelligence™ business intelligence platform can easily interact with the data in your data warehouse.


However, if you are looking to cut down on the resource and cost overhead associated with this cumbersome infrastructure and these rigid, manual processes, there is an alternative.

Or if you are just beginning to research a BI project and have read the standard BI implementation best practices that steer you towards the middle layers of ETL and data warehousing, realize that it is not necessarily the case any longer.
* InetSoft's BI application can solve the problem.

As an innovator in BI software since 1996, InetSoft's award-winning application has been deployed at over 5,000 organizations around the world and integrated into dozens of other providers' solutions serving vertical and horizontal markets of their own.