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Workplace Stress and the Role of Technology

Managing stress in today’s office environment is harder than ever before.   Increasingly, workers find themselves tackling multiple tasks, enduring longer hours, and bearing greater responsibilities for their output. 

Technology that was meant to facilitate the office worker’s experience often leads to further frustration and undermines attempts to work more efficiently.  

Whether it’s a slow moving program that always freezes up, having to copy and paste data between multiple program windows, an ineffective way to distribute information, or simply not being able to use an application the way it is needed, the result is always the same – lost time, less productivity, decreased output, and increased stress.

Sadly, few organizations are aware of the business intelligence solutions that have emerged during the past few years that can curb or eliminate these issues altogether.  If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned problems, consider the following solutions:


Business Intelligence- Find out what business intelligence is and how it can make an immediate impact at your workplace, but more importantly, in your life.


Ad Hoc Reporting - Need to get a thousand revised reports out by five? Ad Hoc reporting lets you add information on the fly and send it where it needs to go with a simple click.


Dashboards – No one likes 'crunching' the numbers. Dashboards allow you to view pertinent information in one quick glance.


Visual Analysis Software – Are you the kind of person that has a hard time with numbers? Visual analytic software will make it much easier for you to know what you need to know.


Jacki Ames

"I spent months looking for
the best dashboard applica-

tion for my business. I literally tried and
tested every application out there, and I
have to say that the Style Intelligence
Application is by far the best. It is simple
to use, and it is absolutely brilliant if you
need custom dashboards."
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