What Is the Definition of an OLAP Cube ?

An OLAP cube is a specific method of storing massive amounts of data in a data warehousing environment. The term "cube" refers to the numerous defined dimensions, measures, and hierarchies by which users designate their data to be stored and constructed for in-depth analysis.

By storing data using OLAP cubes, resulting data information is precalculated and ready-to-use. The instantaneous use of OLAP eliminates the long data queries and pending requests of a conventional data warehousing environment.

This multidimensional approach enables advanced enterprise analysis. It readily combines and summarizes data in a way that is tailored to an enterprise's needs, facilitating the implementation of business solutions.

Even though the OLAP cube has made a significant impact within the data warehousing environment, it still poses issues that create data management difficulties for business-end users . Fortunately that's where InetSoft comes in; not only does Style Intelligence fill in the gaps OLAP cubes leave open, Style Intelligence's data mashup, reporting, and dashboarding capabilities enable data stored in OLAP cubes to be combined with a wide range of other sources.

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User Defined Mashup with InetSoft

While OLAP cubes are a notable tool for data warehousing due to the preset definitions that aid in sorting and analyzing data, this feature inhibits the flexibility needed for data exploration and experimentation. Style Intelligence's robust data mashup engine can extract data from virtually any source, including OLAP cubes. Users can combine data with ease from even their own spreadsheets with data from disparate sources such as partner or vendor information.

The data mashup engine also allows users to set and modify their own data definitions for cross analysis, maximizing self-service. The simple drag-and-drop interface enables inexperienced users to build sophisticated queries without writing code. Providing significant advantages over using OLAP cubes alone, Style Intelligence cuts out the requirement of having IT personnel change data warehousing dimensions.

Equip Your Users with Better Data Tools

Style Intelligence also empowers users to experiment more with their data. Rather than being limited to the monotonous OLAP cube actions of drilling, aggregating, slicing, and pivoting, users can generate compelling reports and visualizations, that make for informative presentations and precise analysis.

Style Intelligence's reporting engine tool enables the publication of vivid reports that help define and monitor the past and current status of an enterprise. Style's viewsheet lets users build engaging dashboards and visualization that allows visual exploration of their data.

Style Intelligence's web-based platform enables the instantaneous access of real-time data, and the freedom to modify reports and dashboards off-premise. The versatile functionality of Style Intelligence liberates business users from the constraints of OLAP cubes, facilitating more data exploration and aiding in better business solutions.