InetSoft's Reporting Tool for SAP

Enterprises that utilize SAP as their primary data processing software will further enhance their ERP capabilities with the addition of InetSoft's easy, agile, robust Style Intelligence BI software application.

The software application maximizes self-service, cutting out IT intervention and allocating usability for business users. Style Intelligence's easy drag-and-drop interface automatically writes queries that manipulates massive amounts of data, for accurate reporting.

Deployed within weeks and requiring a minimum of training, even those who lack IT skills can use Style Intelligence to manipulate data relationships and create visualizations. Business end-users obtain the direct control of real-time data mashups and automated reporting capabilities.

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Merge Data From Diverse Sources With Ease

Style Intelligence can simultaneously manage and integrate raw data from all SAP suites and modules. The BI software application is not only restricted to SAP products, however; it is also capable of integrating data from other ERP solutions such as JD Software, Peoplesoft, and Oracles, in addition to numerous other data sources.

InetSoft's data mashup engine is a significant feature that combines and consolidates massive amounts of data, which is structured to be manipulated and analyzed within a single-view. With the patent pending Data Block Technology, users can integrate their own data spreadsheets from remote sources. Even partners and vendors can create data mashups without a predefined data model.

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Enhanced Report and Dashboard Aesthetics

Even though SAP has proven itself to be a suitable ERP data processing software, it falls short in the ability to create visually enticing reports and interactive dashboards. InetSoft's all-inclusive BI platform gives end-users an unlimited range of customizations of chart styles, to add interactivity to their reports and dashboards. Users will be able to deliver sophisticated and professional quality reports for presentations, and real-time visualizations for data exploration.

Style Intelligence is deployed as a web-based solution that enables users to access and modify reports and dashboards from any web browser or mobile device. Any affiliate within the organization can access, share, and analyze real-time business information, off or on-premise.

Style Intelligence's reporting and dashboarding tools amplify the functionality of SAP, with its versatile data mashup engine, straight-forward data analysis, and the ability to create visually alluring reports and interactive dashboards.

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