InetSoft Webinar: Advantages of Mobile BI

This is the transcipt of a webinar hosted by InetSoft. The speaker is Mark Flaherty, CMO at InetSoft, and he discusses the topic “The Advantages of Mobile Business Intelligence".

Mark Flaherty: So I will spend a couple of minutes talking about making the case for mobile BI and some of the advantages that we see according to people who use mobile Business Intelligence. We are then going to take some time to look at some of the best practices that we see that enable people to find to derive the most value from the investments in mobile BI. We will also talk a little bit about the devices and platforms we see people using and also we will finish up talking about the future capabilities.

So let's talk about making the case of mobile BI then so that business performance can be tied to the comprehensive use of business intelligence. One way the use of mobile dashboards can help sales performance is through more timely management of new opportunities that build the pipeline and also through the ability to sell to new accounts by analysis and identification of trends in the data right at the customer site.

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Make Customer Service Improvements

Another benefit comes from being able to answer customer questions on site which leads to customer service improvements, improving metrics like customer satisfaction rates and the speed of resolving customer issues. And finally, you should see this lead to improved operating profits. So what drives these business performance benefits? As I said, one of the factors that we see consistently is its superior business performance is closely living to the use of BI. That is, all of the things being equal, we often find the company that use BI motives basically to have better business performance. Those top performance companies that have experienced the most dramatic gains and profitability in sales performance and in customer service are twice as likely to have dashboards deployed to the frontline employees.

These are the people that we expect to find in function such as sales, in customer service and in marketing, for example.So we are seeing the pervasive use of dashboards improves business performance. We see that those organizations using mobile Business Intelligence are able to deploy BI to roughly twice as many as employees compared to those that have not deployed mobile BI. So again we see mobile BI is really a driver of making BI more pervasive.

One of the reasons that pervasive BI is so effective at driving company performance is that if it is done right (and that is sometimes a very big “if), then it puts timely information at the fingertips of the people in the frontline, who can most immediately affect operational performance. So extending BI to mobile devices in the form of alerts, reports, charts and dashboards allow organizations to push that information to people who are out of the office or often away from their desk.