InetSoft's BI Query Tool

Traditional methods of database query involve coding SQL queries manually. InetSoft's BI query tool is designed to replace coding to with visual operations so that manually coding queries is no longer necessary.

With this tool, non technical users can create queries by adjusting visual elements, opening up the world of query to all who desire to use it. InetSoft’s BI query tool automatically optimizes the underlying queries for the quick retrieval of data.

InetSoft's query tool is fused with visual analysis. Therefore, query results are easily turned into visual dashboards or reports. For least technically inclined users, certain queries can even be satisfied with visual dashboards alone.

Query and Data Mashup with Visualization

Foremost, InetSoft’s query builder allows users to query SQL databases for an interactive reporting experience. The automatic generation of SQL queries occurs in two places. The first level, or the InetSoft data worksheet, is the level in which the data is imported into the software according to visually built query. The second level is in the interactive dashboard, or report, where queries are adjusted based on interactive filters and selection elements. Both of these tools make it possible for the BI query tool to return whatever information a user may seek. However, InetSoft BI query tool extends far beyond SQL query.

Query & Data Mashup

As a default feature, the worksheet presents a single SQL query that accumulates the table’s data from the connected datasource. But this web-based tool also allows  power users to create queries that join tables from disparate data sources. These queries are created automatically through a drag and drop interface whereby a user selects a field from one datasource table and drags it over to join with the field from another datasource table.

This joined table can then be further transformed through filtering, grouping, adjusting the join type, and other automatic modifications to massage the data as it comes into the software. This modified data can then be used as a basis for interactive dashboards and reports, aggregating the disparate data into charts and key performance indicators.

Data Model Enabled Self-Service

For non-technical users, InetSoft offers analysts and designers the ability to create data model that maps all data fields into business sensible data items. This mapping can also include data transformation functions. Data security controls will ensure users will only access data that they have being granted permissions. Ad hoc queries are automatically generated based on the data model. The data model also has configurable safety valves that will capture runaway queries or prevent unreasonable large result sets.

End users can access this data model from various visual interfaces. The report wizard is step-by-step, guided zero-training tool with which any user can generate a query. Power users can use the visualization composer to create sophisticated queries.

Reporting & Visualization From a BI Query

In a single InetSoft web app, you can directly bring query results into dashboards or reports. Additional parameters and filtering allow users to futher customize for their needs.

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