Box Reporting Software

Box's software is a platform for content management, workflow, and project management. Effective project reporting is essential for an organization's progress and should be implemented at all levels ranging from employees to owners and executives. The right status reporting software will integrate all relevant sources of data, making it easy to keep all of an organization's activities in check.

InetSoft's flagship tool, Style Intelligence, includes a custom web connector for Box data, as well as connectors for a host of other data sources, both cloud and on-site.

Project managers foremost need project progress and coordination information such as dashboards displaying Gantt charts (see dashboard example). However, Box dashboards and reports must be able to go beyond core project management data to give a holistic view of all factors that can impact on-time, on-budget delivery.

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Benefits of Box Dashboards and Reports with InetSoft

Project and workflow reporting represents the critical reporting relationship between project managers and employees, as well as managers and executives. Using an agile status reporting tool such as InetSoft's Style Intelligence provides users an efficient platform to create reports and keep management updated on company and employee progress.

Project managers interact, share and collaborate with many parties. Visualization dashboards works excellently in most cases. Offline distributable reports become essential for many occasions where parties must share a large amount of information. InetSoft's pixel perfect, paginated document report engine is specifically desigend for these cases.

More About InetSoft's Box Reporting Software

Visualization dashboards are the most intutive ways to understand Box data. However, not all dashboards are created equal. InetSoft's web app can easily connect to other sources of project management data, to create self-service dashboards with rich built-in interactivity and customization.

For successfull delivery of projects, project managers must utilize all project related data, for example, supply chain and issue tracking system data. These systems are normally scattered. Some third party data may even be in Excel files. InetSoft's data mashup makes data processing a light-weight, business user self-serviceable process with great efficiency.

Learn how different InetSoft's data mashup technology is and how it turns traditional BI approaches upside down.