InetSoft's Business Intelligence Reporting Suite

Style Intelligence is an easy, agile and robust reporting suite that includes interactive dashboards, visual analytics, production reporting and easy machine learning.

At its foundation is powerful data mashup software that enables fast and flexible transformation of data from disparate sources, which can either supplement or obviate a data warehouse solution. With the data ready, users of all skill levels can design interactive dashboards and visual analyses that are instantly shareable across all devices.

While other business intelligence applications may strive for similar end-user ease-of-use and the compelling-looking visualization technology that InetSoft's solution offers, enterprises and OEMs often select Style Intelligence for its ability to solve data management challenges as well as its IT-friendliness.

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Reporting Made Convenient

Share and blend your data or data from other sources to yield critical business insights. Open source standards enable the easy integration of Style Intelligence with custom applications. Reporting and processing can be achieved on a secure server, ensuring all data is private. Create various reports in your suite and optimize your business intelligence reporting suite experience with automated delivery of reports.

Hassle-Free Software

The extremely easy, yet interactive experience via web browser allows users to easily maneuver the suite and scrutinize information, without needing to print or review copies. The interface can be accessed via desktop or through tablet or mobile device from anywhere, allowing more flexibility for viewing. Authors can set permissions for other users and allow others to view, edit and share information from the reporting suite. Allow InetSoft to be the answer, to automatically simplifying your data in a hassle-free way.

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