Business Intelligence Software License Price

Part of the deliberation when investing in BI software is, of course, pricing. InetSoft understands this and thus developed several tiers of product deployment that fit the budget of any enterprise.

Organizations looking for maximum BI functionality will be interested in InetSoft’s flagship software Style Intelligence, complete with a full array of features for dashboarding, disparate data mashup, official document reports, and more.

For smaller enterprises looking to start out with visual analytics, InetSoft offers the interactive program Style Scope, which comes with a comprehensive set of dashboarding utilities. Those looking for a report writer software can start out with, Style Report, for web based, distributed, published reporting.

The lowest entry point of the InetSoft product line is for Style Scope, starting at $2,000 USD per year. This covers a five-user pack including a creator/developer license and fast start mentoring. Perpetual licenses and custom pricing options for OEM partners are also available.

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Licensing Models

InetSoft offers both perpetual licenses and annual subscriptions. In layman's terms, a perpetual licenses is permanent ownership of software, where as annual subscriptions must be renewed each year. InetSoft also accommodates different sized organizations by implementing two common licensing structures: user-based licensing, or pricing based on the number of physical users who have access, are optimal for small to midsize organizations. For larger enterprises that might need a scaled-up deployment, InetSoft also makes available server based licensing, based on the amount of traffic the program can be expected to handle at once.

Without having to redo any existing installations, InetSoft can accommodate the size of your organization by increasing user or server licenses as your organization grows, and requirements increase. Special offers include discounted licensing and special pricing for non-profit organizations and non-governmental entities that are recognized as charitable organizations. For educational institutions, the Academic Alliance Program introduces free licenses for classroom use.

Committed to enhancing their client's progress, InetSoft supplies premium technical support plans for lightning quick response from its IT team and expanded windows for time sensitive coverage, consulting, training, mentoring, and deployment services.

Advantages of InetSoft's Licensing Structure

Purposeful licensing flexibility is designed to give an organization the lowest cost for the level of usage required. Add to that a lower total cost of ownership due to easier maintenance plus speed to deployment, and the economic benefits begin to compound.

Industry analysts from the Aberdeen Group, a BI research think tank, report that self-service BI solutions reduce both IT involvement and support costs per user. InetSoft's solution offers this advantage, since its product's web-based interface is geared toward frontline staff and decision makers, with no client installation required. This ease of use manifests itself through the capability of any level of permitted user to access the program from any type of device, from laptops and touchscreens to tablets and mobiles. The savings earned from using a self-service BI solution rate at nearly $500 USD per user over traditional BI solutions.

When you consider that no consulting services are required to setup InetSoft's products, and no specialized BI experts need to be added to your permanent staff, it becomes apparent that InetSoft's products are the fiscally advantageous solution.

why select InetSoft
“Flexible product with great training and support. The product has been very useful for quickly creating dashboards and data views. Support and training has always been available to us and quick to respond.
- George R, Information Technology Specialist at Sonepar USA