Cloud Dashboards: Easier Analytics

Looking for a convenient way to access and analyze your data wherever, whenever? Want to connect to multiple data sources, including those on premise, to a customized BI platform in the cloud? Whether you are looking to build dashboards in the cloud yourself, or have them built by seasoned BI professionals, InetSoft’s BI solution is perfect for real-time business dashboards and reporting in the cloud.

InetSoft offers its flagship product, Style Intelligence, as a possible cloud-hosted standalone fully customizable solution. Another option is InetSoft’s turnkey dashboards, where technical experts will connect to data sources and build any and all desired visualizations and reports on a cloud server. At InetSoft, we strive to help our users prosper by offering them easy, agile, and robust software. Allow us to be your solution to cloud dashboarding.

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Cloud and Turnkey Dashboards

Cloud based business dashboards and reports offer instant snapshots of chosen key performance indicators (KPIs) and provide real time trend reporting, with the freedom of ad hoc editing. Users gain a clearer understanding of key trends and what will help grow their company or help their department function better. Because of drill down capability, users can move from a summary level of data down into greater detail, allowing them to really get to the root of pressing issues. Users can even create dashboards on an ad-hoc basis, without needing an IT administrator. They can customize and format data to their liking, modifying reports to aid in any business decision.

Install dashboards into the cloud by yourself or allow us to help you connect data sources and build dashboards in a cloud hosted solution, known as our turnkey cloud dashboards. With a turnkey solution, InetSoft’s technical staff can assist in taking care of all necessary setup procedures to help you quickly deploy cloud dashboards. For a flat one-time charge, InetSoft’s professionals will deploy their BI dashboard application on the Amazon EC2 cloud platform. From there, they will connect your data, build a data mashup across multiple sources if needed, and finally create interactive cloud dashboards personalized for you.

Convenience of Cloud Dashboards

InetSoft understands the importance of being able to share your business data securely with others. Cloud-based dashboards allow the flexibility of sharing and publishing interactive dashboards easily and quickly with colleagues, partners or customers. With cloud dashboards, you will never have to be stuck on a question wherever you are. Just simply login to the remote server, and view or edit, from anywhere, on any device.

Cloud dashboards allow you to operate independently with complete security. Pull data from cloud data sources, Microsoft Excel, or sources on premise; Style Intelligence can integrate all of them seamlessly. Publish and share dashboards, as well as invite others to view and interact. Data is safe and only viewable and accessible by the author, and whoever is given permission to view.

With insights gained from cloud dashboarding, consultants and associations can expand products and services more efficiently, ultimately enhancing value at an affordable cost. You can increase your company’s productivity by always having access to business data and being able to better manage trends, business growth, and any unexpected bumps. There’s an answer waiting for every question when you can drill down into data for deeper understanding.

Dashboards can be created for any area, ranging from operations, marketing, finance, HR, and others. Creating dashboards is easy; even end-users with no IT experience can develop and understand dashboards. Moving to the cloud makes it all the more easier for end-users to bring their data with them on-the-go, making data easily accessible at any time, any place.

“We evaluated many reporting vendors and were most impressed at the speed with which the proof of concept could be developed. We found InetSoft to be the best option to meet our business requirements and integrate with our own technology.”
- John White, Senior Director, Information Technology at Livingston International