Easy to Use Analytics

An effective analytics solution will give organizations the ability to discover new insights, predict future outcomes, and make wiser investments of time and resources. When analytics are done properly, they provide a backbone for organizational decision making, recommending behavior and measuring progress along the way.

InetSoft's Style Intelligence enables the creation of interactive dashboards that make it easy to analyze your data and find new insights. Click on the interactive Vehicle Fuel Efficiency dashboard on the right to experience this ease of use. As you select different categories to be displayed visually, you'll see that it requires no training to manipulate the visualization in order to glean insights.

To get a feel for how easy it is to create and modify these dashboards, click on the pencil icon that's in the visualization to open up Visual Composer. You'll see how InetSoft's simple drag-and-drop interface allows anyone with excel level skills to build dashboards for analytics.

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What InetSoft's Easy to Use Analytics Can Do For Your Organization

Gaining deep insights from your data doesn't need to take hours of sifting through reports or writing queries. With Style Intelligence's intuitive design, you can spend more time focusing on your business goals, and less time learning how to use the software.

With InetSoft, ease-of-use does not mean sacrificing functionality. Whether your aim is marketing optimization, portfolio analysis, or enterprise decision making, InetSoft's BI platform can be tailored to create unique dashboards and reports that meet any and all information needs.

The ability to create exploratory visualizations through a simple drag-and-drop interface puts the power of analytics in the hands of users across your organization. InetSoft's easy to use analytics allows you to make full use of the creative and exploratory faculties of all of your employees.

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