Looking for an Efficient Reporting Solution?

InetSoft's Style Report is the answer to all of your organizational reporting needs. This web-based reporting interface gives a variety of options for displaying data clearly and efficiently, making it easier for your organization to track its progress on a variety of initiatives.

With over 30 different styles of customizable charts, tables and sections, InetSoft's software provides ultimate flexibility in report generation. This easy-to-configure software also includes an ad-hoc reporting feature, so that users can quickly create new reports as needs arise.

InetSoft's solution can generate pixel-perfect reports with exceptional aesthetics, making it easy for you to display your organization's data in a meaningful way.

Evaluate InetSoft's Reporting Solution!

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What makes InetSoft's reporting more efficient?

As an industry leader, InetSoft's agile BI software provides thoughtful and smart solutions for any organization's reporting requirements. It efficiently addresses the reporting issues faced by faced by today's organizations.

Advanced Features of Style Report

  • Report Layout - Offers two different layouts, tabular and flow.
  • Report Element - Provides the report designer with a freehand table element that can be modified to fit any dataset into a custom layout.
  • Grouping Summarization - Allows to bind data to any report element and specify grouping and summary rules for every field displayed on that element.
  • Sub-Reports - Feature that allows to embed one report within another and pass a parameter value from one report to the other to maintain category/detail association.
  • Java API and Java Scripting - provides a complete Java and scripting API for report customization and modification.
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