Expansion of the Use of Mobile BI

This is the continuation of the transcript of a Webinar hosted by InetSoft on the topic of "Mobile BI: iPads & Tablets" The speaker is Mark Flaherty, CMO at InetSoft.

As expansion of the use of mobile BI occurs within these markets, these solutions will become standard solutions that are centralized so that mobile BI will have one access point independent of the medium you are accessing it through. What this means is that organizations will no longer be required to choose whether they want an on-premise BI or mobile offerings. Instead software providers will offer a single solution choice that includes all the various options for all the various devices, a single solution that will fit business users, BI specialists, and IT personnel.

That will be good for real-time users or for batch processes for a variety of databases whether they are OLAP or other types databases, and all of them will be available with advanced analytics and with intelligence that will give users the information that is the most relevant to them. So with that, let’s see an example of what mobile BI looks like.

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Satisfy The Most Advanced Analysts

Style Intelligence offers advanced visualization and office integration that business users expect and demand within their infrastructure today and much more. It’s very intuitive and interactive for the business users and it doesn’t require any training. At the same time, by the way, the BI application’s advanced analytical capabilities are very strong, and they can satisfy the needs of the most advanced analysts and power users.

Next the focus is a lot on relevancy and contextual discovery. Instead of teaching a business user how to use BI and how it works, what are the right questions to ask in order to get answers from the BI systems? Style Intelligence eliminates the need for a business user to try and define a question. It eliminates the need for a business user to know the BI technology and modeling or the necessity for spending hours in research and then it just delivers the most relevant reports for the users to review.

Instantly, the user can identify the problem, and what’s more important, the root cause of that problem. It’s relevancy. Data has to have more linkage to action. When you see something is wrong, the data will tell you where it’s wrong and why, so decision makers are able to act on the information. You see how easy it has to collaborate inside the Style Intelligence solution with the drag-and-drop dashboard designer.

With that, let’s open it up to questions.

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What type of organizations do you think would be the first to adopt BI on tablets?

Sure, you know it’s an interesting question. Initially we wondered whether it will be specific verticals or specific sizes of organizations where mobile devices are a better fit. There were a few theories that it fits more with larger organizations or that it fits specific verticals. But to be honest, the more we got closer to speaking with users and with organizations using it or considering it, we got to the conclusion that it really fits everybody.

Of course the first organizations who are going to use it will be those who are early adopters of technology in general and those who are trying to gain business advantages by using new technologies as a whole. But there is no trend of seeing that in any specific vertical or any specific size. It brings the same type of advantages both to financial organizations and retail organizations, or to small companies, medium companies or huge enterprises. We see the fit is the same for all of them.

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