Demonstration: How to Use Interesting Features of InetSoft's Web Based Business Intelligence Tool

Here we'll teach you how to use some interesting features of InetSoft's Web-based business intelligence tool. You can add highlights to a dashboard, interactively zoom into a chart.

Adding a Report or Chart Highlight

When you bind the text, textbox, table or chart element to data, you can specify a highlight for the element. A highlight is a conditional format that applies a visual effect based on the value of the data displayed by the element. A highlight is comprised of a foreground color, a background color and the font which we apply to the element when a specific data condition is met. In this example, we are going to add element that allows any values in the state of New Jersey to be highlighted in green in both the table and the chart. Here in the design mode, we will highlight our entire detail item. Now we go down to our properties pane. We will add a new highlight called NJ or New Jersey. We will make it so that whenever there is a value for New Jersey, the background is green.

And now, we will actually add our condition. We will say that any customer state that is equal to NJ receives this particular highlight. Now, we click OK, and we preview our report. We will click OK so that all of our employees are returned. And notice now that Eric’s Sales in New Jersey are highlighted in green. Now, let's close this preview up and add a highlight to our chart. First, click on any chart bar. Now, come back down to the properties pane and go to highlight, and here we will follow the exact same procedure. We will go to New and name this one NJ as well.

Report or Chart Highlight Screenshot

Now, here we will make the foreground green since charts only have foregrounds and not backgrounds, and we will add a similar condition where the customer state is equal to, and then we can select from our dropdown NJ. We will append this condition, and we will click OK. And now, when we preview our report, we will see again that the highlight is applied to our chart.

Using Chart Zoom to Explore Dashboard Data

Chart Zoom is a feature that allows a user to zoom in on a specific area in a chart for an closer look at the underlying data. Here I will click in an empty region in this chart and then drag across these three categories.

Next, I will come up to my chart zoom button then click it. And now you will see how my chart has instantly been updated to show me a larger view of that underlying data. I can hover over tool tips, and I can still use my other selection features like this range slider or the selection list.

And you will also notice how my other output components like this gauge or this other chart have been updated to reflect the data that I have filtered down to.

dashboard chart zoom feature