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The human resource department has grown far beyond its traditional administrative function. In order to attract the right type of talent, properly train new hires and retain productive employees, HR professionals have become more and more reliant on data. Data is also growing exponentially like in other business areas. Intuitive visual analytic dashboards make data into readily usable key metrics

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Iterative Data Manipulation & Visualization

InetSoft's analytic web app foremost enables data-oriented HR professionals to define these metrics. But raw data is rarely in a form ready for visualization. Data transformation and manipulation is always an integrated part of KPI dashboard creation. Moreover, it is often necessary to mashup data from enterprise databases, and sometimes also with ad-hoc data like Excel spreadsheets. InetSoft's visualization web app and data mashup engine turns this into a rapid iterative process.

HR Professional Self-Service

Rapid visualization dashboard creation is only the start. Rich interactivity and customization empowers every HR user with self-service analytics that requires zero training. These self-service functions allow every user to answer one-off or any unanticipated questions. The freedom to explore data opens the door for all HR professionals to become data based innovators.

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Machine Learning Powered Insights

InetSoft's data intelligence web app has natively built-in machine learning. It allows insights to be discovered that often evade even seasoned HR professionals. For example, discovering key factors causing employee churn can be a great tool to test if any HR policy should be reviewed and adjusted.

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