Human Resources Dashboards

The human resources department manages the most important asset of any organization. In order to attract and train new hires and retain productive employees, HR professionals must take full advantage of treasure hidden inside their data.

Human Resource analytics

Interactive and Customizable HR Dashboards

InetSoft's rich interactivity and customization empowers every HR user with self-service analytics that require zero training. These self-service functions allow every user to answer one-off or any unanticipated questions. The freedom to explore data opens the door for all HR professionals to become data-based innovators.

HR Dashboard Screenshot

Self-Service Visualizations for HRMS Dashboards

InetSoft's analytic web app enables data-oriented HR professionals to self-serve their data intelligence needs. The web app combines data mashup with visualization into an intuitive process. It can mashup data from enterprise databases with ad hoc Excel spreadsheets and instantly turn the result into visual dashboards.

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