Marketing Client Reporting Software

Marketing agencies need client reports so they can show their customers what the agency is doing for their business.

Client reporting software is particularly useful to marketing professionals when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns, tracking the performance of blog posts, external website links, and search engine rankings.

InetSoft’s marketing client report software allows marketers to create web-based interactive reports that can take the viewer from a high-level view of marketing performance down into the details for further investigation. Advanced visualization allows for further analysis and multidimensional exploration of data.

With instant connectivity to Google Analytics, Google Adwords,, and a host of other marketing oriented data sources, InetSoft’s reporting software makes it easy to measure KPI’s such as total cost per lead, incremental sales, website bounce rates, average lead scores, and more.

With a versatile and customizable dashboarding software, analyzing the engagement of website visitors and potential leads has never been easier.

Benefits of InetSoft’s Client Reporting Software

InetSoft’s marketing client reporting software is easy to use, customize, and adjust to the end user’s personal preferences. The application can be up and running in weeks, not months. This interactive reporting software makes it easy for marketing professionals to analyze various data in dashboards, visualizing metrics such as engagement on social media, and the success or lack thereof of pay-per-click advertisements.  With InetSoft’s drag-and-drop interface and point-and-click controls, marketing users who lack a technical background can build interactive marketing dashboards, all without help from IT.

In addition to this, InetSoft’s reporting software provides the opportunity to mash up marketing data from a variety of sources to provide a unified view of corporate progress. Data mashup is useful for creating various marketing KPI’s, because it makes merging data from various data sources easy and effortless. Through mashup capability, users are able to drag and drop lead acquisition data from Google Analytics and mash it up with opportunity data from or any common CRM. Since InetSoft’s client report software ensures web based accessibility,  these mashup driven reports can be shared and distributed across the company, allowing all team members to be on the same page.

Other InetSoft Features

InetSoft’s marketing client reporting software has many tools which allow for further data exploration. Marketing KPI’s such as email marketing engagement scores, net promoter scores, or number and quality of backlinks can all be thoroughly investigated through filtering, highlighting, and brushing. These tools allow for the studying of a specific aspect of the marketing data on the dashboard or report.

InetSoft’s reporting software is also mobile-friendly and works on any web-browser, making it more accessible and versatile. With all the reports viewable through the click of a button on a phone, users will never be out of touch with marketing progress again.

Through InetSoft’s marketing client reporting software, your agencies clients will constantly be up to date and can further advance corporate goals by studying and analyzing the marekting data you give them. Not only is the client reporting software easy to use and learn, it can quickly be up and running. Register now to see how you can attain the perfect software for your client reporting needs.