Availability of Mobile BI Solutions

Have you ever found yourself or a colleague unable to make a critical meeting? Is it often difficult to get remote personnel the most recent data? Studies suggest that organizations who give more people access to BI are more effective at reaching corporate goals.

And what the industry is seeing now is that organizations using mobile business intelligence are able to deploy BI to roughly twice as those who have not.

This brings up InetSoft's current evolution of premium BI software, Style Intelligence. The software was intelligently designed with a specific goal in mind – delivering data management to non-technical users, wherever they are. Industry analysts have found that BI deployment increases creative analysis, leading to more valuable insights.

Style Intelligence's mobile compatibility provides a fast way to share these insights. As habits in your enterprise adapt to the new information sharing culture, you'll see a leap in overall productivity.

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Style Intelligence | Smartphones, Tablets, Touchscreens

Getting Style Intelligence designed reports and dashboards from your computer's web browser onto your hand-held touchscreen devices does not have to be an elaborate or exhaustive task. Because SI already has profound accessibility advantages due to it’s web-based interface, the transition between desktop and mobile reporting is smooth.

The mission of InetSoft is to supply a catalyst for efficiency and problem solving through cutting-edge BI, so special care was taken during the latest update of the flagship software, Style Intelligence 12, to include native apps for your Android and iOS devices. The advantage a native app offers is faster load times and greater interactivity, giving you instantaneous access to your most recent data and KPI’s. While functions such as InetSoft’s ad hoc editing are still over the horizon when it comes to mobile access, Style Intelligence allows a host of interactive filtering functions in its mobile app. This represents the ascension from a primordial stage of mobile BI technology to the first steps onto the shores of tomorrow's advances.

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Secure and Flexible

Because it's still a relatively new technology, organizations that are interested in enhancing the scope of their BI with mobile access are often very concerned with data security. Key questions must be answered, such as: How safe is my data? Can anyone access my information from a lost device? What types of protection are being offered? Keen to this expectation of high-end assurance, InetSoft’s solution employs several types of security permissions to keep your information safe. InetSoft's security controls can be applied at the user level, at the dashboard level, and at the data level, right down to selected segments of selected datasources. This type of granular approach to security will render your business's information safe with maximum flexibility, whether your users are accessing BI on laptops, phones, or tablets.

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