InetSoft's Online Reporting Service

Are you looking for a way to create reports and track business performance? InetSoft's online reporting service is the ideal tool for users wanting to track their KPI's remotely without having to rely on specialized IT professionals and endless hours of setup. Whether it's installed on your local desktop, in the cloud, or at a server at your company's local intranet, this online reporting service allows users to access their reports through a web browser.

InetSoft's online reporting service can be installed and run in the cloud, on a remote server provided by Amazon web services or any other provider. Connections to a company's local and remote data sources can be set up so that the InetSoft tool pulls in data from any number of sources, no matter the location. The best part? No need for maintaining BI software on company machines that can be costly and take up mass amounts of memory. Also, with reports being stored on the cloud you can have access to them from any location and from any device.

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Online Reporting User Options

InetSoft sets itself apart from competitors by putting you, the user, first. They offer several different setup and deployment options to meet any business needs you may have.

Self Service

With a shallow learning curve, non-technical users can create reports online in the cloud and deploy InetSoft's online reporting service using a simple point-and-click interface. With Data Block technology, users can drag and drop blocks of data onto the interface to build interactive dashboards and reports with compelling visuals that are professional, eye-catching, and flexible for any business needs, allowing for maximum self-service.

Setup by InetSoft Professionals

Don't want to do the setup yourself? With InetSoft, users also have the option to have InetSoft professionals take care of the setup procedures of the system, so you don't have to worry about it. Technicians will deploy the software and build dashboards and reports based on the company needs. InetSoft takes the heavy lifting out of online reporting by deploying the service, connecting to desired data sources, taking care of administrative maintenance, and even building dashboards and reports for the company.

Get Started

Whether building reports on your own or having an InetSoft professional help you along the way, InetSoft's online reporting service allows for the creation of reports that will grab the attention of executives and make the data more understandable by using visuals, text, colors, shapes, and selection components to allow for simple drill-down on data. Interactivity allows users endless opportunities for data exploration and drill-down in order to find new trends and answers to various business queries.

The goal of InetSoft's online reporting service is to alleviate the headache and disorganization associated with previously number-laden reports and spreadsheets by using dashboards and reports that are much more pleasing to the eye, as well as by making setup as seamless as possible for users by adapting to any needs they may have.

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