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Project management has become an essential part of any business in order to stay goal-oriented and efficient. Project management is the science of ensuring that projects are completed on time- it involves breaking projects down into all of their components and calculating not only the estimated time for its components but also factoring in any possible delays, determining which aspects of the project are likely to hold up completion, and setting priorities and intermediate expectations based on that information.

InetSoft's dashboard solutions provide businesses and individuals with a competitive advantage in the market with the integration of project management dashboards, allowing information to be easily read and tracked so that project managers know exactly how the projects they are responsible for are doing at all times. When project managers need this information, any data older than a few minutes is too old, as project management data is constantly changing. This is why InetSoft provides data in real-time, so that the most up-to-date information is always available with no lag time.

InetSoft's intuitive project management dashboard application allows users to have the ability to track key metrics, KPI's, and sales performance figures. The best part? There is no need for users to have IT experience to build a powerful dashboard- users with a basic understanding of Excel processes can create, deploy, and interact with dashboards with just a few simple clicks.

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Track Project Management KPI's

There are many important KPI's that exist in project management, and InetSoft's project management dashboard application allows users to track necessary KPI's in a way that is not only efficient, but easy to understand and share with the rest of the team.

Users can use interactive charts, tables, and crosstabs to track the number of unresolved issues, current resource allocation, labor costs spent, current development backlog, project schedule, issues found by customers, and much more. In addition to this, users can also create and incorporate calculated fields into the dashboard that will allow them to estimate project completion dates, average costs and revenue, and possible time delays on certain projects.

Furthermore, alerts can be set up to let a project manager know that a certain project has fallen behind. Customizable security settings allow the project manager to give other users different access to certain features. The scheduler, alerts, ad hoc analysis, and OLAP functionality can be turned on or off for specific individuals or groups. Additionally, each user or role may have a separate dashboard that they can customize without affecting those of others.

Project Management Dashboard Examples

One of the most popular examples of visuals used by project managers is the Gantt chart, which allows users to take the task names, start and end dates, and durations, and transforms them into a cascading horizontal bar chart. From there, it is much easier to visualize the order in which tasks need to be completed and which tasks are dependent on one another. This kind of chart also allows users to predict expected completion time and factor in possible delays, allowing the project manager to be ready in any situation.

InetSoft's intuitive, user-friendly interface allows for the easy creation of even the most complex charts. Using InetSoft's viewsheets, users can drag and drop desired fields from whatever data sources into visualizations such as charts, tables, crosstabs, and gauges, making for a seamless deployment of the dashboard. Data can even be pulled in from multiple sources and combined, allowing for project managers to analyze previously disparate data and spot new trends or possible setbacks.

Consider InetSoft as the solution for any project management needs- give it a try and download a free version of InetSoft's award-winning software today!

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