Real Time Performance Monitoring Dashboard Examples

Check out these real time performance monitoring dashboard examples to explore InetSoft's latest, powerful, BI and dashboard building software.

This dashboard refreshes every 5 seconds, feeding the user a constant stream of live data. This is the essence of real time, and this aggressive and powerful BI strategy is extremely useful for helpline, auto dispatch, customer service centers and more.

InetSoft's flagship premium buisiness intelligence software is called Style Intelligence. This is a web based software for helping you make sense of your data visually. It allows reporting and dashboarding, complete with interactivity and data highlighting. Style Intelligence was designed to help your data tell its story and impress at meetings. But it can also help you manage operations. That's what this dashboard example is all about. Allowing managers and people in charge of daily operations, to see into daily activity with their employees.

call center dashboard analysis with thresholds

Call Center Monitor

A user can design KPI that respond in real time and to drilling and brushing, higlighting and more interactive techniques.

The mission of InetSoft is to supply a catalyst for efficiency and problem solving through cutting-edge BI, so special care was taken during the latest update of the flagship software, Style Intelligence 12, to include a powerful reporting engine that is capable of delivering static and dynamic reports, such as this call center dashboard example.

BI Architecture for All Data Sources

Organizations that are interested in enhancing the scope of their business strategy and that necessarily means expand the power and scope of their BI platform. Since Style Intelligence is so flexible, it can accommodate all types of sources: Big Data, spreadsheets, relational databases, data warehouses and mashup of data from disparate sources. This is perfect for an executive keeping track of performance through call centers and dispatches. As the information comes in, this example dashboard updates every 5 seconds, it constantly reflects the most recent conditions.

An exec can also use it to identify and solve problems and crises as soon as they arise. Arming yourself with information as it happens is the best way to stay on top of customer concerns and ensure quality. It looks like a lot of Jay Matthews calls take 135 hours (greater than 400,000 seconds!). He is dragging up the duration averages and hurting company stature. He needs to be let go, and we were able to identify the problem by looking at the details in a simple chart in this interface.

Acclaimed | Accurate | Interactivity

With brushing and drilling you can really nail down very quickly who is performing better or worse, or identify the impace a single employee such as we have done here for Stephanie Biden. We can see her import to the overall performance of the entire call center. She seems valuable, 9% of all successful calls come through Stephanie Biden. During performance review time we know that Stephanie already has an upper hand against her peers, she might be in for a raise or promotion.

If you got to the dashboard image at the top of the page you will find that it is entirely interactive. You can drill down and highlight and peak into the data in various ways as well as test out the Style Intelligence system's strengths and abilities.

If you are operating dispatch for EMT services, public works, police, or on-call home repair services such as plumbing, electric, gas, a call center dashboard app that reports live visit statuses will greatly improve your ability to solve problems on-the-fly. Gone are the days of excuses or work slowdowns. Oversight of out of office employee work becomes conclusive and efficient. Field operation managers have the ability to get instant action from the system when they need it. Hot spots and trouble areas become less frequent as data culture meets business operations.