A Reporting Tool for Business Analysts

Business analysts (BA) uphold the responsibility to interpret an organization's data, using the information to create solutions that will progress towards achieving business objectives.

InetSoft has developed Style Intelligence, an agile and robust BI software application that can manipulate massive amounts of raw data and convey it as detailed information in simple-to-manipulate visualizations.

The cost-efficient BI application provides a modern take on the conventional methods that would waste valuable time and delay the execution of solutions.

InetSoft's flagship BI empowers business analysts with productive dashboarding and visualization tools that facilitate finding reliable solutions. Business analysts have a maximum amount of self-service, need minimal IT intervention, and have absolute control of real-time data mashups and automated reporting capabilities.

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Captivating Visualizations that Communicate for BA's

Since InetSoft's Style Intelligence is web-based, communicating the state of an organization to users in many locations is now easier than ever. The user friendly reporting engine enables the easy generation of pixel perfect reports that help define and monitor the metrics and status of an enterprise.

Anyone within the organization, from stakeholders to partners, have the ability to share and view real-time visualizations and business information. The software can also be accessed through any web browser and mobile device. With Style Intelligence implemented, reports and information can be shared with any locations that are given access.

Gain a Deeper Understanding with Data Mashup

InetSoft features a data mashup engine that organizes and consolidates massive amounts of data, which is structured to be manipulated within a single-view. Style Intelligence's easy drag-and-drop interface automatically writes queries for data exploration and precise reporting.

Strategies and assumptions about future actions can be answered with the software's capability to run statistical analyses on historical and real-time data.

Accessing InetSoft's Data Block technology through a drag-and-drop viewsheet, users can integrate their own data from spreadsheets and other diverse sources and create data mashups. This flexibility gives analysts complete freedom in running unique ad hoc reports, making predefined data models unnecessary.

Take advantage of InetSoft's easy, agile, and robust business intelligence for your BA needs.